5-Year-Old Boy Runs Into A Store. What He’s MISSING Has Employees Calling 911…


Two North Carolina parents are in hot water after their 5-year-old child was found wandering around a convenience store parking lot completely naked.

33-year-old Kenneth Lee Stigall and 29-year-old Betty Jean Stigall, of Eastgate Drive, were each charged with misdemeanor child abuse, according to Statesville Police Department Public Information Officer Chan Austin.

Employees from Kangaroo Express reportedly called police around 6:16 a.m. on Sunday, after several people spotted a small child running through the parking lot naked before walking straight into the convenience store.

After officers arrived at the scene, employees revealed that it didn’t seem like any adults had accompanied the child to the store.

Although the police officers at the scene asked the little boy his name and where he lived, they couldn’t get any information out of him.

A while after investigators checked around the local hotels and businesses in the area for the child’s parents, they finally got the call they’d been waiting for.

As the Statesville Record & Landmark reports, the person who called police said the little boy’s parents were staying at a nearby hotel.

The Stigalls later told investigators that their child must have left the room while they were sleeping and they just didn’t notice.

The Department of Social Services has since taken custody of the boy, as well as two other children, ages 4 and 12, in the couple’s care.


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