78 Year Old Grandma Arrested For Hiding 14 Pounds Of Marijuana In Her Bra

The Racket Report – 78 Year Old Grandma Arrested For Hiding 14 Pounds Of Marijuana In Her Bra

Law enforcement officers in Waterloo, Iowa, are reporting one of the most unusual ‘busts’ in history…. Literally.

Waterloo Police Department spokesperson Sherman Stall inform KTCA that the officers searched 78-year-old Olivia Eunice Fanfeister and found 14 pounds of Durango Bango marijuana stuffed in her 38–DD bra.

Stall Explain that Ms. Fanfeister had stuffed 7 pounds of pot in each cup.


When the elderly grandmother was brought into the station to be photographed and fingerprinted, she accused the arresting officer of ‘violating’ her, but quickly announced “I did not mind it at all.”

However, her accusations were immediately debunked since the officers had been wearing lapel cameras.

Ms. Fanfeister was told she could make her one phone call to whoever she needed to notify about being arrested.

Much to the officer’s surprise, Ms. Fanfeister did not call any family members.

Instead her one call was spent contacting Domino’s pizza, where she ordered 4 large double pepperoni pizzas for all the police station staff.

After learning that Ms. Fanfeister had no previous arrest record, officers decided to let the 78-year-old grandmother go with just a slap on the wrist.

No charges were filed.


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