91-Year-Old Woman Dies During Sex Game With Married 49-Year-Old Neighbor


Authorities believe a 91-year-old woman who was found dead in her bed suffocated during a sex romp with her much younger, married neighbor.

The Mirror reports that the elderly Portugese woman was discovered nude from the waist down by Ana Martins, another neighbor who noted that a vibrator — which cops believe is responsible for extensive injuries to her genitals — was near her body.

“I noticed only two small bruises on her face, but there was blood on the sheets and a picture of her husband resting on her chest,” Martins said. Martins also decribed the elderly woman as a widower who was “very active” and “liked to make jokes with men.”

Portuguese police originally arrested a father of two after his DNA was found in semen located at the scene. Since being bailed out, autopsy results suggest the 91-year-old woman’s death was a freak accident — as she suffocated during a sex game with the 49-year-old. Police also noted that there was no indication of forced entry.



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