A Husband’s Heartfelt Letter To The Woman Who Photoshopped His Wife


Boudoir photographer, Victoria Caroline specializes in taking those steamy, yet elegant bedroom photos. She posted a letter written by one of her client’s husbands that’s bound to break your heart!1

Victoria receives this message from her client stating that she plans on gifting the photos to her husband for Christmas. She requests that her photos are photoshopped, eliminating every wrinkle, stretch mark, and imperfection so that she can “feel gorgeous just once.” Victoria is hesitant but agrees to the alterations.


The husband then sends Victoria this letter and wins man of the year! Just kidding, but he really should have, going on to explain how her photoshopping of stretchmarks erased the creation of their family, the lack of wrinkles took away all the laughter they shared together, and he thanks Victoria for helping him realize how much he loves his wife exactly the way she is. Awwww…


In response, Victoria posts to remind us that we are loved just the way we are – cellulite and all! Because perfection is for fake dolls, love your sexy, living self!