After Dad Removes Screws From Her Front Door, Daughter Warns Everyone To Do The Same



The safety of our family is of great concern. We use deadbolts, motion sensing lights, alarms, and fences. No matter what we try, some cunning thieves can circumvent our efforts to protect our family and our property. Some safety precautions that will make your home safer you can do for yourselves right now, and it is very simple. Mariana Harrison, a Texas Realtor shared an important tip on Facebook. Mariana had just moved into a new apartment when her dad showed her a trick.


Her dad had a screwdriver and two 4 inch screws. He headed for the front door and told her that when contractors install the plate on the door frame they use screws that are only about a half of an inch long. One powerful kick to the door and the door can fly open.


Mariana’s dad removed the short screws and put in the long ones. He told her that the would-be burglar would have to kick many, many times before the door opens. By that time, they have made so much noise they will have gotten someone’s attention.


The longer screws are safer because they got all the way into the frame of the house. Another quick tip is to make sure when it is dark outside that you pull the curtains over your windows so no one can see in. In the video below, the Houston Police Department will give you some other tips about keeping your family and belongings safe.

Share this important tip about the long screws to all your family and friends.

Stay safe everyone!


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