After Rash Of Robberies, Gas Station Fights Back With Sign That Liberals Hate


A Shell gas station in Sauk Rapids, Minnesota has decided to fight back after a recent rash of robberies. After falling victim to burglarizing thugs twice in the last three months, they are taking action, and it’s in the form of a sign that liberals will surely hate.

The owner of the establishment has had enough. After two robberies, one of which was by a pair of armed men, Frank Schwagel posted a sign on his store’s front door last week, hoping it will deter thugs from targeting his station. However, in today’s climate, his message is sure to have “progressive” leftists foaming at the mouth, ready to spew their rabid rhetoric.

Knowing the police are only minutes away when every second counts, Schwagel is hoping to draw in customers who might help fend off would-be crooks during the evening hours. His plan to do so is quite simple, and the first step involves his simple sign.


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