Anti-Cop Post on Facebook Exposes Sickening Behavior of 2 Rogue Cops…There’s Just One Problem


Cop-Block” is a fairly well-known, anti-police social media community. Despite their Facebook page’s claim to be “all about education and police accountability,” they were deeply involved in the anti-police sentiment that was stirred up following events in Ferguson, MO, and Baltimore, MD.

And, as opposing Facebook community “Civilians Against Cop-Block” learned on Monday, some of the folks at “Cop-Block” are easily trolled…

The following post was circulated on Facebook:

The post goes on to identify the two “rogue Georgia police officers” as Shane Walsh and Rick Grimes and credits the pair with a civilian body count of nearly 250. What they don’t mention in the post is that the two are fictional characters from A&E’s “The Walking Dead”…

And some of the comments and shares indicate that at least a few people fell for the prank:

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But plenty got the joke from the start and played along:




To be fair, they weren’t just preying on those who don’t watch “The Walking Dead”: the original Facebook post included the hashtag #zombielivesmatter, for those who took the time to read the post in its entirety.


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