Archaeologists Dig Up an 800-Year-Old Pot. What They Find Inside Changes History

Archeologists were doing a dig on an Indian reservation in Wisconsin. Menominee reservation was home to many artifacts, yet one discovery left even seasoned archeologists surprised.


A small clay pot which was dated at nearly 800 years old. It was not the pot itself that surprised those that found it however, it was the seeds inside that left them puzzled, as they were still intact.


It turns out that the seeds produced a form of squash that was larger than we usually see today. They gave it the name Big Old Squash, translated from its original name ‘ Gete-okosomin’.


They are now trying to cultivate the seeds to ensure the squash does not go extinct. Because they are not aware of any other seeds for this squash, the ones they discovered serve as more than mere artifacts of the past.


What is in your backyard? This gives us a glimpse into the reality that despite modern advancements, there are many artifacts and things in the ground that give us insight to the past and may even benefit us in the future.

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