Army Vet Was Asked To Throw The First Pitch, So Everyone Was Stunned When THIS Happened!

Throwing the opening pitch at a professional baseball game is an honor that is typically reserved for well-known people. Whether it be a popular celebrity, a government official, or a person who has had a positive impact on their community, being asked to throw the opening pitch is a pretty big deal.

For that reason, you can probably imagine that Army veteran, Sgt. 1 Class, Brian Keaton, was more than happy when he was asked to throw the first pitch at a Washington Nationals game.

Keaton, who was wounded by an explosion in Iraq, suffered serious injuries that required him to be in a medical facility for more than three years. With the support of his friends and family, he was able to make an incredible recovery. When he hit the field, it was clear that he was excited and was ready to get the job done.

However, unlike many pitchers, Keaton decided to take a different approach. Borrowing some skills he learned in the army, Keaton launched the ball like a grenade and threw a pitch that no one in attendance will ever forget!

Since baseball is America’s favorite pastime, it’s nice to see someone who has done so much for the country get a chance to enjoy the nation’s favorite sport.


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