Boyfriend Gets Revenge On Cheating Girlfriend. How He Does It? Just Cruel!


For some reason, and I can’t tell if this is a new trend or something that’s been happening for longer than the history books care to remember, it seems like cheating has become something of a norm in this day and age.

Every single day there seems to be a new flurry of stories from people discovering their significant other isn’t being faithful, but not every failed relationship story like this has such an entertaining ending as this one!

When this guy learned his girlfriend was cheating on him he managed to keep a total cool in front of her. She obviously didn’t know he knew, as you can tell in the opening moments of the video, but I’m fairly certain she figures it out pretty quick! To get his revenge he decided to give her a little present in the car which looks like a heart-shaped box of chocolates, but he told her to wait until he had walked away first. Well, he locked her inside and she opened the gift to find…



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