Brother brutally beats the crap guy who attempted to rape his sister (DISTURBING)


What would you do if you learned someone has attempted to rape a member of your family?

Would you call the police and do your best to try and help them through the situation, or would you try to handle it all yourself? On the one hand it’s never a guarantee the legal system will be on your side in the first place – if you can afford it; then on the other hand you could be facing legal trouble of your own if you don’t do it that way, but at least you’ll feel better in the end. So when one brother learned another man had attempted to rape his little sister there was no holding him back!

This hulking dude was so pissed off when he learned the truth of things that he went outside to find the guy, and then took the time out of his day to lay down a proper warning – don’t rape anyone. Naturally he was screaming “rape my little sister?”, but with a beatdown like that it’s hard to say it won’t apply to everyone else! In moments he has the guy on the ground, and a few more after that you can tell the kid is out like a light…