College Student In Coma After Drinking 2 Gallons Of Semen In “Swallow Challenge”


Susan Yoshikomitsu, 19, of Phoenix, Arizona is in a medically induced coma after doctors found 2 gallons of semen in her stomach. Reportedly, the young woman was attempting the new Internet trend, “Swallow Challenge” which originated in Japan. According to reports, Yoshikomitsu read about the “Swallow Challenge”on a popular Japanese blog earlier this week. The sophomore at Arizona State University found out more about the challenge after friend had posted a Vine video showing clips of the other girls attempting the challenge. Yoshikomitsu’s roommate, Karla Kurosawa says that Susan is “always competitive and would never turn down a challenge.”

“I told Susan that it was a bad idea,” said Karla. “I am not against swallowing but to swallow random jizz is absurd. In the videos we saw, the girls guzzled about a gallon and they drink the entire container within 5 minutes. It was too much for me to watch, but Susan was down for the challenge.” But Karla was not going to turn her back on her friend. They both created flyers and posted them around ASU’s campus in the early morning. Susan immediately received responses from hundreds of interested men to assist her with the challenge. She collected 2 gallons worth of samples by the afternoon.

  “Susan made sure she didn’t eat or drink anything for the entire day,” said Karla. “We both went into the bathroom where I held the phone to record her doing the challenge. After drinking about 23 glasses, Susan passed out and that’s when I called 911.” When paramedics arrived at the scene, Yoshikomitsu had the gooey substance spilling from her nose and mouth while she lay unconscious. She was rushed to St. Joseph’s hospital where doctors had to put her in a medically induced coma to pump her stomach. Susan is expected to survive and her friends say they hope she never tries this challenge again. No charges are currently being filed against the 810 donors that supplied Yoshikomitsu with the semen.
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