Cop Put A Camera On A School Piano. When He Starts To Play? My Jaw DROPPED!

Richmond, VA, area police officer Mervin Mayo is on his way to going full viral. When he realized he had a few moments of some peace and quiet, he noticed a piano sitting in the corner.

A skilled musician as well as a brave police officer, Mayo decided to play a quick little rendition of the classic patriotic song “America the Beautiful” before uploading it onto Facebook and getting back to work.

Little did he know that his incredible voice was going to quickly get the attention of thousands of music loving people from all over the world.

While we’re sure that he makes a fantastic police officer, we wouldn’t be surprised if he starts seeing huge record labels knocking at his door demanding a contract!

With so much anti-cop speech going around our nation lately, this video is a fantastic reminder that cops are more than just a uniform. When this man isn’t busy putting his life on the line for his community’s safety, he enjoys listening to, and playing, angelic music.

Why do you think he keeps looking over? Do you think he’s worried that someone might walk into the room? Do you think he’s actually embarrassed because of this?

So if you love America, and if you think that being a police officer is probably an incredibly stressful and difficult job, you might just want to give officer Mayo a few minutes of your time; believe us, it will be worth your while!


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