Could You Have This Disease From Outer Space?


These are what common Morgellons Leisions look like. The creepy thing is there are fibers growing underneath these sores and nobody knows where they came from. 1

Morgellons Syndrome is a new, explainable disease categorized by strange fibers growing inside the body. The scary thing is these fibers are not alive, and nobody knows where they came from…


One of the symptoms of Morgellons is the spotted scalp. This is a close up of skin that flaked off the scalp of a patient that has perfect rows of spots and fibers.


A common symptom of Morgellons are the fibers found beneath the skin. The fibers come out in bunches and have been said to move as though they are alive, but more like robots…



Morgellons fibers are painful to pull out and are robotic in nature. The crazy thing is that they are red and blue. Doctors don’t know what they are and can’t explain where they come from. Some experts say they are not of this Earth and may have come from space.


This structure found in the urine of one of the Morgellons patients has perfect pyramidal structure and cannot be explained by doctors.