Dad’s 11-Year-Old Son Dies TRAGICALLY. Just 37 Days Later, He Does THIS At His Grave

WordPress-Photo-copy-14Bullying in schools is a SERIOUS problem, and one that we should all take more notice of. You might think that all children pick on one another now and then, but what can seem like harmless name-calling can sometimes have disastrous consequences.

One man found that out the hard way, when his 11-year-old son killed himself back in 2010. Since the tragic loss of his young son, Kirk Smalley has recounted the story a thousand times to anyone who will listen.

The reason? Well, a mere 37 days after his son took his own life, Kirk visited his grave. It just so happened to be Father’s Day, and he wanted to visit his child no matter what. There, he made a heart-wrenching promise to his late son.

“I promised him that I was gonna stop bullying in this world,” explained Kirk, and since that moment that’s EXACTLY what he and his wife have been trying to do.


The two of them spend 300 days a year traveling around the country and spreading their anti-bullying message. Since they know the true dangers of bullying, they can share a true, raw message with the world.

As if that was not enough, the two of them have started an organization called Stand For The Silent, which aims to end bullying for good. On their travels, they visit schools and give FREE talks to children all around the US. It is Kirk’s hope that through his son’s tragic story, the kids will start to learn about the effects of bullying.

So far, he has taken his unique message to 700,000 students,but he’s not stopping there! In fact, he and his wife show no signs of slowing down on their mission.

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