Dad’s Intuition Tells Him Something Is Wrong. That’s When He Sets Up A Hidden Video Camera…

Steven Corthorn knew something was wrong with his children’s care, but didn’t have the proof he needed to protect them from their abuser.

That’s when he set up a secret camera… to film their mother.1

As MS News Now reports, the father’s intuition was correct, and he got the evidence he needed just in time.

The shocking video Corthorn recorded shows Kendra Beswick violently abusing two of the couple’s young children.

Corthorn took the recording to the Salem, Indiana police department and officers there immediately launched an investigation.

Two days later, Beswick was arrested on two felony counts of child battery.

Corthorn posted the video on Facebook as a warning to others. Now that his suspicions have been confirmed, the concerned dad is trying to guarantee that the children will never be returned to the custody of their abusive mother.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to pay the attorney’s fees and to getChristmas presents for the children.

Though it is sad that Corthorn’s fatherly intuition was spot on, it is a relief to know that he was able to get his children out of danger before anyone was seriously injured.

The video is below, but be warned that it is very disturbing to watch.


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