Doctor Forgets One Prescription After Removing Young Man’s Wisdom Teeth. Now He’s On Life Support….



A mom in Canada claims her son was left on life support after having his wisdom teeth removed in a routine procedure.

As the Hamilton Spectator reports, Angela Steele said her son, Mason Woods, 23, went in to have his wisdom teeth removed on February 27.

Woods ended up seeing his doctor again on March 4 because he was concerned that his swelling hadn’t subsided yet and he was already out of pain medication.

Immediately, the doctor asked if he was taking his antibiotics regularly, but Woods was shocked—he’d never been given a prescription for antibiotics, only pain medication.

Once the doctor realized that the lack of antibiotics had left Woods with an infection, the young man was put on antibiotics and asked to come in for a “cleanup” procedure.

According to Steele, her son ended up having part of his skull removed to reduce the swelling after undergoing an oral surgery to clean out the infection.

“I am not aware of what went wrong, but something went wrong that a kid had one tooth out two weeks ago, and today he’s on life support fighting for his life, and a third of his skull has been removed,” she said.

While the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority cannot discuss Woods’ case, officials have tried apologizing to Steele.

“We are devastated to hear about the experience of this patient and his family,” the authority said in a statement. “All surgeries, including dental surgeries, do carry a small risk of infection and it seems that in this case, the infection had progressed to become quite severe. We are doing everything we can to provide this patient with the care he needs in hospital right now.”



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