Doctors Are Positive She Has A TUMOR, Until They Do An X-Ray. When They See What It REALLY Is, They’re FLOORED!!


Doctors have discovered an old calcified fetus inside a 91-year-old woman after mistaking it for a tumor.

After years of constant pain, a 91-year-old woman in Chile has finally figured out why her stomach never stopped hurting: she was pregnant.

Doctors say the calcified fetus has been inside Estela Meléndez’s uterus for at least 60 years or more.

It wasn’t until she suffered a fall recently that doctors finally spotted the mysterious lump in her uterus after performing an X-ray.

“The doctor said I had a tumor and that they needed to operate on me,” Meléndez told CNN.

But when they took a second X-ray, just to confirm the tumor, doctors were stunned to discover that the “tumor” was actually an old calcified fetus.

Finding out about the fetus was an emotional experience for Meléndez, who was never able to conceive in the past.

Earlier this year, her husband of 74 years, Manuel Gonzalez, died; the couple was never able to have children of their own.

“We suffered tremendously because of this reason,” Meléndez told CNN.

“Can you imagine? More than 60 years!” said her nephew Luis Meléndez, who was stunned by the news. “I wonder how she never felt bad once the fetus died inside of her.”

Though doctors at the local clinic considered surgery to remove the fetus, they soon realized that operating on a 91-year-old woman might not be such a great idea.


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