Doctors Couldn’t Figure Out Why Boy Had Urinary Tract Infection. Then He Told Them What He Ate.

For weeks, a young boy in Saudi Arabia was in severe pain.

According to ABC News, doctors believed it to be a urinary tract infection, but they were unable to identify what was causing the condition.

“When my son started to complain, I and most of the doctors who saw him were not worried because he did not show any alarming symptoms,” the boy’s father says.

After the boy’s symptoms persisted, doctors decided to perform a X-ray and CT scan to try and determine the source.


The X-Ray revealed that a bobby pin, which the boy says he ate several weeks earlier, had gone from his digestive tract to his kidney, puncturing his intestine along the way.

“Once I was informed that my son had a ‘bobby pin’ stuck in his kidney and that he would need an operation, I started to blame myself for that delay in management,” the father admits.

Apparently, the boy had told his parents that he had swallowed a bobby pin, but they figured it would pass naturally.


The boy had surgery to remove the 2-inch pin and is reportedly recovering well.

The young boy’s dilemma is an important reminder to keep small objects away from children. If a child swallows a foreign object, the NIH suggests watching for fever, vomiting, pain, or local tenderness. The bowel movements of the child should be checked to determine whether the object has passed.

If the symptoms persist for several days, be sure to contact the child’s pediatrician.

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