Doctors Gave Her 6 Months to Live. 5 Years Later She Has More News That’s Supposed to Be Impossible

When Laura Bacon-Smith got the bad news from her doctors, it was enough to change her entire outlook on life. Given six months to live, Laura decided that the only thing she could do was to live every moment to the fullest. That was five years ago.

And now, she has something else to celebrate. Against all the odds, Laura is pregnant.

As the Daily Mail reports, Laura received her diagnosis in 2010 after collapsing at work. It took two months of tests before doctors realized that the bright and vibrant 22-year-old was suffering from an extremely rare form of cancer that affects the lungs, liver, blood, and soft tissue. Though she had once hoped to have children, there was no time to freeze her eggs. Laura immediately began aggressive chemotherapy.

Unfortunately, the treatments didn’t work and doctors informed Laura that she was unlikely to see another birthday. In response Laura decided to make the most of the time she had.

“I kept trying to stay as optimistic as I could, and I was staying positive for longer and longer as time went on,” Laura told the Daily Mail. “I was told to just live my life for the remaining six months I had left, and that’s what I’m still doing five years later.”
Laura created a bucket list and started ticking off dreams one by one. She met her boyfriend, Lewis, when she invited him to stay in her spare room. The two have been inseparable ever since.

Though chemotherapy should have left Laura infertile, she and Lewis decided to try for a baby anyway. When they realized Laura was pregnant, it was such a such a surprise that neither Laura nor her doctors could believe it. But eight pregnancy tests and an internal ultrasound confirmed it. The one thing on Laura’s bucket list that seemed impossible was a reality.

“This baby was obviously meant to be. He or she is my little miracle and I plan to treasure every moment,” said Laura.
Unfortunately, Laura’s prognosis is still terminal, but the mom-to-be is making a memory box for her future child to remember her after she’s gone. That doesn’t mean, however, that Laura isn’t planning to stick around for as long as she can.

“I have to pinch myself sometimes,” Laura told the Mail. “I still can’t believe it, I feel so lucky to be alive and make the most of every day now.”
Even her doctors are impressed by Laura’s resilience.

“I could not imagine that she would be alive and well five years later, expecting a baby,” Professor Penella Woll, who was among the first to treat Laura’s cancer. “Her courage and positivity has been inspirational.”
In the meantime, Laura is getting ready for the new baby, and has started a blog to share her incredible journey. She says that part of her won’t believe it until she and Lewis are actually holding their newborn child. And she continues to live by the credo that has governed every day since her diagnosis.

“Me and ten other friends have even had the word ‘life’ tattooed on our hands to remind ourselves everyday to love life,” she said. ‘That’s exactly why having this baby is so special.”

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