Doctors Sent Her Away Despite Her Lower Back Pain. When She Finally Gets a CT Scan They See It.

Model Elly Mayday knew something was wrong. For two years she suffered from unbearable pain in her abdomen and lower back. But every time she would go to the doctor, they’d send her away with painkillers, telling her there was nothing to worry about.

Often, according to ABC News, they would misdiagnose her, believing that her issues had something to do with her weight.


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But Mayday refused to ignore her instinct. She was persistent in seeking answers and was not ashamed to ask for a second opinion.

“I started to complain about my stomach hurting as well as my back and I was able to go into a CT scan,” she tells ABC News.
The CT revealed that she was actually suffering from a rare form of stage three ovarian cancer.


According to Dr. Jennifer Ashton, it is unusual for ovarian cancer to affect someone as young as 25, but it is not out of the question. And unfortunately, ovarian cancer is often times overlooked, as was the case with Mayday.

“Ovarian cancer is classically and commonly dismissed as being attributed to something else,” Ashton explains.
Ashton notes that woman need to remember the key symptoms associated with ovarian cancer. These include:

– Pelvic pain or pressure

– Increase Urination

– Bloating
Mayday’s diagnosis required her to have a hysterectomy and endure three months of chemotherapy. She lost 60 lbs. in the process.

But Ashton commends Mayday for trusting her instinct, adding that it’s important to “be persistent, know your body.”

And while she believes that the onus of responsibility should be on the doctor to properly diagnose a patient that continues to come in with the same issues, it may be time to get a second opinion if several trips to the doctor yield no answers.

As for Mayday, who is now in remission, she is thankful that she listened to her body.

“It’s extremely important to trust your gut,” she says. “When you have confidence, you can take on the world and you can take on cancer.”


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