Dog Who Gets in Backseat After A Walk Jumps on Magazine. What Comes Out of It Leaves Couple in Shock

According to the Mirror, on September 29, Alan Slater had just gotten home from work when he tried to unwind by catching up on the soccer scores from the night before. He also checked the lottery numbers on the tickets he and his wife purchased that week.

That’s when Alan and Jane’s world got slightly less relaxed, the Mirror reports.

Alan noticed their ticket matched six of the winning lottery number, making their jackpot approximately £150,000, which is roughly $232,000.

“I ran upstairs telling Jane to get out of bed, she just grumbled at me that it better be a good reason.”
At first Jane thought her husband was pulling an elaborate prank on her, but after seeing the look he had on his face, she knew it wasn’t joke.

Then October 5 happened.

The couple was on a walk with their dog, Ruby, and talking about the amazing week they had, having just one the lottery.

“As we got back in the car to head home Ruby hopped onto the back seat with me and disturbed this piece of paper inside a catalogue which gently floated down to my feet.”
Jane describes the moment when the lottery ticket floated down towards her feet as something out of a movie.

The ticket that floated down to her feet was the second winning ticket. For the second time in just six days, Jane and Alan won the lottery.

“We both burst into tears when we saw that the second ticket was also a winner,” Alan remembers.
The say it felt as if someone was looking down on them.

In total, the couple walked away with £300,000 or approximately $465,000. Not a bad week at all!

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