Dumb PewDiePie Fans Are Tricked Into Burning Themselves


The internet is literally burning right now! (see what I did there…)

PewDiePie fans are burning themselves to try and get their hero to stop doing meth.

Well at least thats what they are thinking they are doing it for. Stories like this have been popping up online all night that he was arrested.

It doesn’t take much internet knowledge to know that this are photoshopped. But you should see the 100s of fans of fans #burn4pewds.

When people are trying to stop these kids from burning themselves they get these type of responses:

“You guys, this isn’t fake. Pewdiepie was arrested at 2am. He had a bail of 5k and spent all night in jail, he got out at 9am.”

It turns out it was some jokesters over at 4chan trolling his fans.




Damn you 4chan!