Five Soldiers Line Up In Front Of Their Mics. When They Start To Sing, I’m In Tears.

Whether you’re in favor of our military defences or not, the video featured below is guaranteed to warm your heart. Putting your life on the line for your country is one of the most honorable thing an individual can do, and if you’ve ever known a solider, you’ve probably heard the song ‘Coming Home’. The lyrics speak of the love and respect we should show our soldiers.

“All those heroes who defend our flag will live on forever / All the heroes , both young and old , that soldier on to unknowns / From across this changing world we live in the hope / That you come back home.”

Watch as both British and US soldiers stand side-by-side as they give the most beautiful rendition of “Coming Home” I’ve ever seen.

These guys talents don’t end at the field, after watching this it is quite clear some of them have been blessed with sheer musical talent.


Watch the video below:


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