Florida Man Encounters ALLIGATOR, Stop Us If You Know How This Ends

Matthew Riggins and his friend planned to rob expensive houses in Barefoot Bay, Florida. But their plans were cut short when the unimaginable happened…well unimaginable if you don’t live in Florida! 0f78037abcaea1c6356d207e6102e9ac.600x

Matthew and his partner hid behind homes they’d planned to rob, but made a quick getaway after police were called by a neighbor who’d spotted them. When the police arrived on the scene, they began to look for the two burglars. 4e170321e484eec110fabe2d0265d383.600x

Matthew chose to hide out near the edge of Barefoot Bay pond, and was attacked and drowned by an 11-foot alligator. His body was spotted floating in the pond 10 days later, well what was left of him at least. d1044063b6693ead11a1b9b15540b6c2.600x

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