Four Officers Injured in Massive After-School Brawl Caught on Video

Anti-police sentiment is outrageous right now, thanks to the lovely lefty media and their constant portrayal of cops as mean, old white dudes with guns who want to shoot black guys.

This can clearly be seen in a massive rumble that broke out near Allentown, Pennsylvania involving a crowd of 200 students.

Four police officers were injured in the fray, but the most disturbing part of the incident involves a female cop who was beaten senseless by one of the thug students while a crowd circled around and whooped and hollered like a bunch of wild animals.

According to reports from TheBlaze, two officers suffered minor injuries, the others had more serious injuries, but all four law enforcement officers involved in the fray are expected to make a full recovery.

Apparently police were just trying to stop the fighting when all of a sudden the kids turned on them, and they themselves became the targets.

Here are a few additional details from TheBlaze about the fate of the those involved in this horrific incident.

Three teenagers were arrested after the brawl, police told the WCAU.

The Allentown School District is working with police to identify others who were involved in the violent incident, a school spokeswoman told the Morning Call.

“I anticipate additional arrests,” Lake added. “There were a number of people involved. We just don’t know their identities right now. We will be reviewing videos to identify people involved in the assaults on police officers.”

What’s absolutely terrifying about this sort of thing is that these kids will one day be grown-ups in the real world, who might be in control of businesses, government offices, you name it.

While I fancy myself a rebel at heart who regularly bucks the system, I still have respect for those in authority, like police officers.

My personal revolt is against unjust rule — like the Obama administration for example — not against those who do their best to serve and protect the community and keep us safe.

These kids clearly have absolutely no respect for authority, and obviously have been thoroughly brainwashed by progressives in the education system.

I mean, come on! Hive mentality, gathering in mobs, entitlement thinking, assaulting police officers. It’s like Radical Progressive Revolution 101.

Let’s hope these officers continue to recover and get back out on the streets and are able to protect and serve to the best of their abilities.

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