Guy Claims He’s A Female Anatomy Expert On Facebook And Gets Absolutely Owned

I don’t get why people are always trying to flex their online muscles to show just how smart or amazing they are. I know I’m dumber than most so I gave up on that battle a long time ago and just rely on Google for everything.

But apparently, there are people out there who clearly think differently. People who have some weird ass beliefs are are willing to go on social media and use their flimsy, anecdotal “evidence” as proof that what they’re saying makes any sense at all. And sometimes you have to go play-by-play, detail-by-detail, with links to scholarly articles and proofs to show the error in their “logic.”

And other times, well, a simple, one-sentence rejoinder works just fine.

Like with this armchair expert of the female body.


Dude…please…stop talking about vaginal tightness.

Apparently he’s got a thing against thigh gaps and wants people to know.


When someone calls him out on his idiocy, he responds with the typical internet intellectual argument. (hint: wikipedia)


Then he has to let everyone know how much sex he’s had, and that’s when things go poorly for this bearded Don Juan.




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