Guy Leaves The Most Brutal And Awkward Break-Up Note With Flowers For His Ex Girlfriend

Flowers are a fantastic romantic gesture, and a perfect way of saying, “I love you”.

However, flowers are also a fantastic way of saying, “Goodbye”.

For this poor girl, her lovey-dovey misunderstanding upon finding a bouquet of flowers her boyfriend, Ally, had left for her on her doorstep, led to one seriously devastating and embarrassing break-up.

Upon discovering the flowers on her porch, she immediately pulls out her phone to thank her boyfriend for the unexpected delivery, calling him “cute”, and even going as far to say, “I love you”. That was until Ally told her to read the card…

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So, would could the not have possible said to make her react in such a way? Well, let’s just say Ally doesn’t mince his words;


So, he’s basically saying she needs to find a guy who can love her for being a shit lay and a bit of a c*nt. Although, I have to admit, Ally’s one kiss goodbye really is poignant.

Break-ups are never easy. Maybe Ally could have hired this company who go ahead and do the dirty work and actually dump your partner for you.

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