Guy Stumbles On Weird Orb In The Grass, Shocked By What It Turns Out To Be

While out on a leisurely stroll through a grassy area, a man stumbled across something completely unexpected in the brush. As he looked closer, he became grossed out as the orb began to burst and emitted a foul stench. But the oddity was just beginning, as he soon found out what the anomaly was.

Practically nothing could be more disturbing than finding a large oozing sac in the grass. It would take only the most curious adventurer with an iron gut to stand by and watch. But for this English man, it was worth taking one for the team to capture incredible images of the freakish thing opening up and transforming into something out of a nightmare.Stinkhorn-620x326

As it came alive and morphed into a sickening, but strangely beautiful creature, it grew alien-like tentacles. While it seemed to be a breathing creature that could soon take over the world, it was actually something else. The observer who had the misfortune of smelling this freak show, soon found out that the names it’s been given are grossly appropriate and about as terrifying as what he found in Britain’s New Forest.


Nature’s gelatinous anomaly is actually a fungus, which can easily be considered the most disgusting of all mushrooms known to man. It’s technically called a clathrus archeri fungus, but it is often referred to by much more descriptive names, such as octopus stinkhorn, phalloid fungus, and devil’s fingers, The Metro reported.

The octopus looking mushroom emerges much differently than most fungi, by bursting its red tentacles out of an egg sac of sorts. It thrives best in and around decaying wood chips or rotting stumps, and it’s easy to see why, since it’s something of a decrepit sight itself. While it originated in New Zealand, Europe has seen their fair share of the nasty clusters. One wrong step could end in a stinky, oozy, tentacle-wrapped leg, that would surely put a damper on your outdoor adventure.

Stinkhorn3 Stinkhorn4

Unlike other mushrooms found in the woods, this weird one isn’t toxic, despite it’s wretched appearance. In fact, it’s even edible, just in case a culinary risk-taker wants to take a savory bite of something called a stinkhorn.

It’s preferable to watch this weird thing hatch from a distance, since who knows what it’s capable of for sure, especially if it happens to feed on pesticides doused in the grass — then there’s no telling what it will do next. All joking aside, nature never ceases to amaze, and this mushroom is a prime example of that.


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