Guy Tries Pulling Girl In The Most WTF Way You’ll Ever Witness

If I were interested in someone, I would do something sweet like think of a thoughtful gift to buy them or consider getting them their favourite flowers from an online florist. I wouldn’t peek into their bedroom window because that would be creepy, right? Apparently this guy doesn’t think so. 7 8


I mean, you’ve got to give this guy props for trying, no? He’s literally asking a girl to sit naked in front of him so that he can be inspired to write. Forget a chocolate, shoes or flower purchase, he just went straight for what he wanted. Granted, it’s creepy as hell. Over the page, see an abundance of flowers in a flower festival in Chiangmai. It would literally fill a dozen flower shops in my town. (My town is tiny, but we love flowers.)

As if we needed another reason to love Thailand, look at all these stunning flowers. I wonder if the festival goers were able to make a flower purchase or if they’re all just for show.

This festival looks like a pretty good day out if you ask me. It beats having to find a place that does online floral arrangements, to be honest. This is the real thing times 100.


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