He Abandoned His Apartment To Live In A Tent. I Thought It Was Crazy, Until I Saw Inside


Abandoning civilization to live in a tent might seem crazy, but in the case of Bryce Langston, it’s only temporary. Well, the tent part that is. Bryce is the host of the YouTube channel, Living Big in a Tiny House. Besides being in the midst of constructing his own tiny house, Bryce travels near and far to visit others who have jumped headlong into thetiny homebuilding movement. He seeks out stellar or unusual examples of the trend and interviews the homeowners while touring the homes.

Bryce himself grew up in a pretty comfortable “McMansion” in a fairly ritzy, coastal suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. He doesn’t knock his childhood home, though. He thinks it was a perfect way to grow up, just that it’s not sustainable or sensible for everyone in the world to live in such a structure. Rather, he’s trying to blaze a trail in novel ways of living smaller, to make room for the rest of us.

So, what’s the deal with the tent? Well, Bryce’s tiny house is still under construction. It’s a long-term project with a lot of attention to sustainability and permaculture on the property. In the meantime, the charismatic Kiwi built a snazzy deck, an even snazzier bathroom, and set up one of the coolest tents we’ve ever seen. The Lotus Belle tent was designed by two women who wanted to build a tent you wouldn’t mind spending a lot of time in. Bryce took that to the next level. He’s moved right into his tent full-time until his house is complete. From the sink to the stove, it’s got some pretty amazing creature comforts hiding inside.



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