He Finds This Baby Girl In A Poor Village, But Wait Until You See Her Face 2 Years Later!

Roona Begum was a very special baby. She  was born with hydrocephalus. The illness causes a water build-up in the brain and can be potentially fatal. Three years ago, photographer Arindam Dey found her in a poor village in Tripura, India. He was, of course, shocked by the condition, which had made the baby’s head swell to three times its natural size.

What’s more, he was touched by her parents’ story. You see, her dad was just 18 years old and he was a day laborer. That meant that there was no way that he could afford to pay for Roona’s expensive medical bills.


Shortly after the experience, Arindam shared the pictures he had taken of Roona with the world. It was not long before newspapers and media outlets around the globe picked up on her story!

Then something brilliant happened. People all around the world decided to help Roona in any way they could. In fact, some even started fundraising campaigns and a massive $62,000 was raised on her behalf.


That meant that Roona’s family finally had the money to treat her condition. She could have a specialist form of surgery to drain the cerebrospinal fluid from her brain! 3Now, she has had almost ten surgeries, and you will not believe the difference it has made to the little girl. In fact, her head size has gone from a massive 37 to just 23 inches over the last few years. It’s safe to say that she is now a happy, healthy child.


Frankly, doctors were surprised that she made it through, but her recovery has been fast and progressive. It is fabulous to see how very giggly and sweet she is now. You can learn more about Roona here.

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