He Found His Daughter Bloody And Bruised, The Reason Why? Parents, BEWARE!


Summer is right around the corner, and that means kids are going to be playing outside. Parents take caution, though, as you might be endangering your child without even knowing it.

Many parents love to play dress-up with their toddlers, but are unaware of the potential consequences some articles of clothing present.

One such article of clothing has come under much scrutiny, and for good reason. Once you see what happened to this little girl’s feet, you will never purchase these shoes for your kids again.


For her second birthday, little Esme Connor was given a pair of Next jelly sandals. Surely, you’ve seen these cute little shoes on a child’s feet at some point in your life, but you are probably unaware of the consequences associated with them.

After a mere thirty minutes of playing in the shoes, Esme’s mother couldn’t believe what had happened to her daughter’s feet.

“It’s not like she was running around in them for hours,” Lisa, Esme’s mother, said. “She was just plodding around the house and then came running in – in tears. There was blood all round her ankle and on the soles of her foot. Of course there will be new shoes that rub, but this is ridiculous.”


As a parent, you never want your child in pain, and that’s what makes this story even sadder. Little Esme is too young to talk, and couldn’t tell her mommy what was hurting her so much.

“She was moaning and whining, and I initially put it down to being tired… There was so much blood. Her dad had to spend an hour calming her down. It ruined her birthday weekend really.”

Lisa says that Next has agreed to take the shoes back and examine them for where the problem might lie. On their website the sandals are listed as “fun jelly sandals for short-term wear only.” Maybe they should include “will make your child bleed” as well.


Parents, be aware of what your children are playing in. While cute clothes are nice for pictures, oftentimes they can be uncomfortable for little kids to play in. Clearly, these shoes fit into that category. SPREAD THE WORD, and make sure every parent knows what could happen if their children play in these sandals.


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