He Made Her Hold Their Babies In Her Arms as He Did the Unthinkable…

Every parent’s worst nightmare is that something bad will happen to their child.

Megan Hiatt, a Florida mother of twins, experienced this horror first hand.


Her twin infants Hayden Rose and Kayden are dead, murdered by their father, Gawain Rushane Wilson.


Even more horrific, he made Hiatt hold her babies as he fired bullets into them.


The murderer then killed Hiatt’s father, 49-year-old Travis James Hiatt.


Finally, the shooter pumped five bullets into Megan Hiatt and turned the gun on himself, pulling the trigger and making it a murder-suicide.


Hiatt miraculously survived, and police are still investigating. So far, the incident seemed to have ignited after some sort of domestic dispute.


Hiatt’s mother Melissa Bateh spoke to First Coast News and recounted what her daughter said to her after the gruesome murders:

“Mama, he killed them. He killed them in my arms. He made me hold them when he killed them. He made me watch.”

The only reason Megan is still alive, her mother said, is because of God:

“He gave Megan the strength to drag her body across the room. She had to crawl through her babies’ blood, then through the shooter’s blood, and to her dad to hear his last words.”

Bateh said that she has trouble understanding why someone would do that:

“I couldn’t imagine someone doing that, holding your own children while someone kills them.”

“He wanted to destroy her world. He wanted her to watch it be destroyed.”

She also noted that Wilson was controlling and abusive to Hiatt, even before this horrendous crime:

“He would take her phone away.”

“The babies were three days old and he would ask, ‘When are you going to start losing weight?’ She hadn’t even left the NICU.”

Wilson had been in trouble with the law before, having been arrested in 2013 for strangulation.


Traci Bunkley, a family friend, spoke to WJXT 4 and urged viewers to look for signs of domestic abuse:

“Be aware of the symptoms and signs of what domestic violence are.”

“Sometimes, trying to escape comes too late.”

Megan Hiatt survived her ordeal and a GoFundMe account has been set up in order to raise funds for her recovery.

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