Her Feet Was Bleeding At Work… Yet The Manager Did An Awful Thing.

Working at a restaurant as a waitress is quite stressful. For the female staff, they also often have to endure the need to stand up for hours. Even as they become tired, they need to greet customers in a cheery manner.

But what if it’s too much? For one woman, working at a certain restaurant literally gave her physical pain. Worse, the manager did not seem to mind. So what can be done?

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A waitress became viral because of this.


Nicola is the friend of a woman from Alberta, Canada who worked at a restaurant. During her friend’s shift, she had to wear heels.

Sadly, it was too painful to wear heels at work.



Nicola’s waitress friend was not named in this situation, but she had to upload the image to show what was happening.

It hurt so much that the waitress lost a toenail.



Worse, Nicola Gavins said that her friend was scolded by the manager.

The manager got mad at her for wearing flats.



Once the manager saw the waitress in flats, it was ordered that she would have to wear heels the next day.

This happened at Joey Restaurants.



Specifically, it happened at the Jasper Avenue, Edmonton branch.

Nicola’s post has been shared more than 11,000 times.


According to the freelance makeup artist, female workers at Joey Restaurants are told to wear heels. The only exception is if they have medical reasons.

Female staff at Joey Restaurants also need to spend more than the male staff.



Apparently, the women have to buy a uniform worth at least $30. On the other hand, the men can use black clothes that they might have in their own closets.

Nicola wants women to earn without having to suffer.



She said that she has many friends with similar jobs. However, they do not have to feel uncomfortable at work to get good tips.

She also accused the restaurant chain of supposedly unpaid training shifts.



Nicola said that this is against the Albert Labour Laws. Some people have also recommended seeking legal help.

Many people said that women should not be required to wear heels at work.



One individual said that giving a tip is not based on the waitress wearing heels or flats. As long as she gives the food properly and is approachable, she should be given a good tip.

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