Hero Firefighters Rally Behind Kid Bullied And Beaten On School Bus

This is Jonathan, a high-functioning autistic boy who is often bullied:

Because he cannot relate well to others, he also struggles with self-control, but did not fight back when a bully split his lip.


The EMTs who drove him home from school returned later that evening:

They had a replica American flag, praising him for his restraint and courage.


The firefighters and EMTs pooled their money to get Jonathan a new pair of shoes:

And they are some fresh Nikes, not some run-of-the-mill Payless shoe.


They lived up to their selfless reputation:

Who goes out of their way to help a boy they barely even know? Firefighters and EMTs, that’s who.


They posed for this photo and gave Jonathan parting words of advice:

Jon has said he wants to join the military someday, and role models like this can only help him fulfill his dreams.


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