Hershey Kiss Christmas Trees

Hershey Kiss Christmas Trees
Hershey Kiss Christmas Trees

1⁄4 cup corn syrup
12 green foil-wrapped Hershey chocolate kisses (don’t unwrap)
24 miniature peanut butter cups (buy holiday colors, green red, gold, don’t unwrap)
1⁄4 cup multi-color non-pareils

Brush a small amount of corn syrup on the top of a gold or red-foil peanut butter cup (don’t unwrap). Place an inverted (top side down) green-foil peanut butter cup on top of the first one. The bottom peanut butter cup is the pot/planter and the top peanut butter cup is the bottom/base the tree.
Brush some corn syrup on top of the tree base. Top with a green-foil hershey kiss.
Brush corn syrup on the tree and sprinkle non-pareils over the tree.
You could use a spray glue or hot glue instead of corn syrup, but I use corn syrup just in case it gets into someone’s mouth when the tree is unwrapped and eaten.