Horrified: Woman finds a hidden iPhone recording her in Dollar Tree bathroom

dollar treeHorrified: Woman finds a hidden iPhone recording her in Dollar Tree bathroom


She Took Her Niece Into the Dollar Tree Restroom and Spotted a Box That Made Her ‘Heart Drop’

It was an ordinary stop at the East Los Angeles Dollar Tree store for Alexandria Sabori. But when she and her niece needed to use the restroom, everything changed.

KTLA reports that a male employee showed her to the restroom, very courteously saying he needed to check it first to ensure there was toilet paper inside and that it was clean. Once done, Sabori stepped inside and took care of business.

Then she noticed a hole in a box that was stored in the bathroom.


Curious, she peeked inside. To her horror, Sabori discovered an iPhone, positioned to record her while using the facilities:

“My heart dropped.”

But the problem didn’t end there.


She took the phone and asked to see the manager. When the same male employee, Carlos Martinez, identified himself as the manager, Sabori left and called authorities.

KTLA reports that another woman has come forward claiming the same behavior from the Dollar Tree manager toward herself, her children, and other family members.

Sabori says she is concerned about children being recorded as well:

“We really want parents to watch their kids. You know, this could have been my niece instead of me.”

Hidden cellphone recordings of women and children have been known to end up on pornography sites. One such example is the 2013 case of a college  student secretly recording women in a bathroom and then uploading the recordings to a ‘Bathroom porn’ site.

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