How Kim Kardashian Lost Her VIRGINITY at 14 . . . To THIS Famous Offspring..

In 2012, the reality TV celeb told Oprah, “When I did want to have sex for the first time I was almost 15 years-old.” Now in a new book, titled ‘Kim’ by Sean Smith – we discover Kim K. lost her virginity then to boyfriend Tito Joe Jackson, (known as TJ) who’s Michael Jackson’s older brother, Tito’s son. 1

Kim and TJ dated for two years when they were teenagers. She spent her 14th birthday at the Jackson’s Neverland ranch, where TJ was often found after his mom passed away. Back in 2012, Kim K. also shared that her mom -Kris put her on birth control after turning 14 years-old when she opened up about sex with T.J.


Recently the Kardashians were VIP guests at Taryll Jackson’s 40th birthday party (T.J.’s older brother). The mega families shared fond memories in a sneak peek of Lifetime’s ‘The Jacksons: Next Generation’ ahead of Friday’s premiere.


The Jackson royal will be starring on the family’s new TV reality show. Today the 38 year-old lives in Los Angeles with his wife. He also is the ward and co-guardian to Michael Jackson’s children, Prince, Prince Michael II “Blanket” and Paris.


After Kim’s teenage romance with T.J., she’s had several high profile relationships, including previous marriages to musician -Damon Thomas and NBA player -Kris Humphries. The reality star is now expecting a second child with husband -rapper, and record producer Kanye West.



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