Husband Places Wife For Sale On Ebay Like Used Car

Loved ones can be some of the biggest pains in the butt to deal with from time to time, but I’m not sure how many of us would have the same thought Simon O’Kane had when his wife Leandra was being a little too whiny one day. After the 33-year-old came home from work after a somewhat long shift his beautiful wife decided to take the opportunity to whine about the issue than to be of any help, so he decided to put her up for auction on eBay!


The couple has been together for more than a few years at this point, they even have two adorable children together, but when he was exhausted there was no other option in his mind than to play a glorious prank. According to Leandra he’d taken a somewhat unflattering photograph of her and used it on the website as though she were a used car model.


Simon has always had a passion for motorcycles and cars, so he decided the best way to “sell” his wife would be to break things down into vehicle sale lingo, which only infuriated Leandra further. The funny part is that Simon ended up getting more than a couple offers in the span of a couple days, some of which continued along with the joke and others placing some fairly high bids – the highest before the post was taken down reached $87,150!


Now, Leandra wasn’t aware of what her husband had done at the time, she didn’t even find out until her work friends began cracking up over the whole thing. When she finally discovered the truth however she was on the warpath, absolutely furious at what Simon did.


Luckily for that guy she was used to his crazy antics at this point and it all managed to blow over smoothly, but I know more than a few people who would have probably ended that prank in a divorce…


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