I Didn’t Expect To See This At A Black Friday Sale, WHOA!

Yes, it’s Black Friday and it wouldn’t be Black Friday unless a tiny chunk of our faith in humanity as the intelligent occupiers of earth is destroyed.

The “deals” listed on Black Friday cause consumers to lose their minds in a mad rush to make sure they get the best deals. Some of these people forego Thanksgiving just so they can stand in line or be ready for whatever sale is going down.

I personally have a large amount of respect for companies like REI, which have closed themselves on Black Friday in protest against the consumerism that has become the ‘Thanksgiving holiday’.

Check out this video from a Walmart in El Paso, Texas.

We know of 1 confirmed ARRESTED after the madness that took place. How sad is it that we’ve gone from a society of family values to blind consumerism just to save a few bucks for stuff we don’t even need. SMH [Shaking My Head], America, SMH..

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