If Your Son Wears Swimming Shorts Like THIS, You Need To Check Them IMMEDIATELY. Here’s Why!

There are dangers regarding boys swim shorts that have mesh in them, and one mother is trying to get the word out after her son went through a horrible experience.


Swimsuits like these are extremely common. But as it turns out, the netting inside can actually be extremely dangerous. Matter of fact, the mesh is sometimes referred to as a “penis strangler.” And one little boy almost lost his little johnson as a result.

It all started on a vacation in Spain. It became time to hit the showers and this boy’s mother went to remove her son’s swim trunks only to discover something unthinkable. The netting was literally strangling the boy’s penis. It was all wrapped around it, practically suffocating his little member. Naturally this is a mother’s worst nightmare to see her boys little penis mangled up in his own swim suit netting. Not to mention the boy was in a world of pain.

The mother describes the scream which came from the boy. It was a scream which emanated from the darkest depths of any pain ever experienced. She tries to describe it:

“He was screaming a scream I hadn’t heard before,” she stated.

The boy, Jack, screamed in pain and the mother, Laura, immediately took him to the med center. But they were simply unable to help the boy and could not free his penis.

Laura describes the traumatic experience:

“I carried him to reception and asked for some scissors.”

But it was a pretty serious strangulation and they couldn’t seem to free the penis.

“There were two little bubbles, like skin, on either side,” she said. “Like it was going to burst.”

It’s important to note, the penis strangulation via mesh bathing suits is not uncommon. Finally they made it to the hospital. There doctors were indeed able to free the penis, while relieving the boy of the absolutely unimaginable pain he was going through. Initially some worry did exist regarding permanent damage. But thankfully, doctors came back and said there wouldn’t be lasting damage to Jack’s penis.

A full recovery is expected for Jack.


Turns out the experience was, understandably, very traumatic for Jack. He couldn’t keep talking about it and had flashbacks of his poor penis being nearly strangled to death by that nasty netting. His mother explains further on how Jack is doing:

“Jack was very upset about it afterwards but as five year olds do, he’s bounced back. He keeps talking about it now but he’s fine. He talks about how he nearly lost his willy on holiday and goes on about the naughty netting. He’s been warning all his friends as he doesn’t want the same thing to happen to them.”

Thus it is very important to get the word out regarding penis strangulation by swimsuit netting. Laura is encouraging everyone to let parents know of these dangers:

“Please, those with young children, remove the netting in swim shorts.”



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