Kid Dies After Attempting The Dangerous New Trend The ‘Taser Challenge’….

A 17-year-old boy, Trayton Smith, tragically lost his life after attempting an extremely dangerous challenge that has gone viral across the Internet. The ‘Taser Challenge’ encourages people to place a metal butter knife in their mouth and shock it with a Taser gun. It has been leaving its challengers with brain damage, nerve damage and in this case death.

“Electrocution is nothing to play around with,” said emergency room doctor William Marker. “I’ve seen at least 49 young people this week with most of them suffering minor brain damage and all of them with permanent nerve damage. This last incident actually took a life. People need to wake up and use their brain and understand what is dangerous and what is not dangerous. And where are these kids parents?”

Facebook, Instagram and Twitter spokespersons say their server will delete videos posted to their sites that encourage anyone to attempt this dangerous challenge. Trayton’s mother has released the video with hope that it will save someone’s life. “I want people to see what this challenge did to my son. Hopefully it can save someone’s life.”


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