Kids Write Hilariously Adorable Letters To God

Kids make us laugh all the time, whether they are doing something silly or saying something that is downright hilarious.

Children ask the big questions, and they also say their opinions very boldly.

When one Sunday School teacher asked her young students to write letters to God, she got some very funny results.

We couldn’t stop laughing!

One little boy named Neil was very concerned that a couple getting married kissed right in front of everyone at church. “Is that ok?” he wants to know. Precious!



Another child questioned God’s skills when she asked if the design of the giraffe was an “accident.” Too good! After all, giraffes are certainly unique.



Little Ginny asked God if it was possible to create a new holiday that would come in between Christmas and Easter. As she points out, “There is nothing good in there now.”



Young Susie wanted to make sure that her turtle is well taken care of in Heaven. She decided to let God know that her pet likes lettuce so that her turtle can be fed the proper food. Aww!



One little boy named Raphael decided to make a trade with God, saying that if God gave him a genie lamp he would give God anything. That is, except for his money. Or his chess set. Anything else is up for grabs, though!



Sarah simply requests that God change the taste of asparagus, since “its gross.” We love it! And we happen to agree with her.f


What do you think of these hilarious letters?g


Do you know a child who’s ever written something like this?h



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