Ladies Failed Smart Car Parking Attempt Caught On Camera, I Can’t Stop Laughing.

Alright after watching this video I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m actually correct, and no one else on the road knows how to drive.

Obviously that’s probably not true, but there’s still some dumb things normally good drivers can do that’ll just make your head spin. Take this lady’s parking job for example, she can’t even manage to parallel park a tiny, little smart car between a space large enough for a truck! She’s so incredibly bad at it that after almost five minutes she gives up and aims her sights on another spot.

Enough ragging on the lady that doesn’t know how to park, but is anyone else oddly uncomfortable with that parking lot? It just seems that there’s vehicles pointed in every direction, how do they not continually get scraped or dented? That’s definitely not somewhere I’d ever want to leave my car behind at…


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