Man Arrested For Sucking Woman’s Toe At Walmart


North Carolina –  A man in North Carolina, who claim to be a podiatry student, decided he wanted to “help a woman with her shoes” so he tricked the woman into taking them off.  Michael Anthony Brown, 31, convinced the woman to take off her shoes so he could help her with a pair of sandals; but when she did Brown began sucking on the woman’s toe. He then offered to pay for her groceries in return for the “service” she provided him, which “soothed his needs.” Outraged, the woman grabbed a stun gun out of her purse and electrocuted the Brown. He fell to the ground, and security apprehended him.

This is a story that even creeps the cops out. “It’s a little bizarre and strange,” said Officer Raymond Stiles. “But this is not the first time that Michael Anthony Brown has been arrested for doing this. We just arrested him last week after hiding in a bathroom stall at McDonald’s and putting a woman’s toes in his mouth while she was going to the bathroom. He just crawled under the stall and molested her big toe. Who the hell does that?”


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