Man Can’t Believe What He Sees in Child’s Hand. Then He Hears What the Voice Is Saying…

This shocking video — supposedly of a toddler being encouraged to smoke marijuana — was shared hundreds of times on social media before it came to the attention of the police.

As the New York Daily News reports, the video shows a young boy in a diaper taking hits from a joint while an adult in the background instructs him on what to do. mj-2

As the boy raises it to his lips, you can hear a man say, “Smoke, bro … Inhale it.” He then adds, “Do this,” presumably demonstrating as the boy mimics him and the joint continues to smolder in his tiny hand.

The man then presumably asks for it back, saying, “Let me hit that,” as the video ends.

Community activist Andrew Holmes alerted Chicago police to the video after he saw it online.

“This is sickening,” Holmes told WMAQ News. “This child needs help ASAP if he hasn’t had help already. It’s disturbing to hear the adult that was in the background to let them hit it and they’re telling the child to inhale.”

Chicago’s Area South Special Victims unit is currently investigating the video— though it provides few clues to where and when it was recorded. According to WMAQ, the Illinois Attorney General’s office is not pursuing an investigation at this time, while the state’s Department of Children and Family Services would not confirm whether the agency has plans to look into the video.


Holmes, however, is hoping that the public might be able to help come to the aid of the child in the recording.

“If anyone could recognize that child or know who that child is, don’t be afraid to call the Chicago Police Department,” he said.

Here’s hoping something will be done to ensure this child is not in any danger.

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