Man Claims Girlfriend’s One-Year-Old Daughter ‘Slipped on a Toy.’ Then Police See the Autopsy…

Cody Alan Johnson, 30, from Oklahoma was babysitting his girlfriend’s 16-month-old child when something awful happened.

The couple lived together in Shadow Mountain Condos with Sawyer Paige Jefferson, the girlfriend’s daughter. On Saturday December 5, Johnson called the child’s mother at her work to tell her that her child was unconscious.


Johnson told his girlfriend that her child was injured when she “slipped on her pajamas and fell on a toy.” And that is also the story the couple told the police. Unfortunately, the truth later came to light and it is so much more disturbing.


From Shadow Mountain Condos, Sawyer Paige Jefferson was rushed to Saint Francis Hospital’s emergency room. The child was unconscious and in cardiac arrest upon arrival. She never woke up.

The hospital staff immediately suspected Johnson of sexual abuse and called the police.


The truth of the child’s death was revealed later during her autopsy — and she did not die from slippery pajamas.

According to the police report, “extensive forcible penetration” was evident. Bruises were found on the child’s face and there was bleeding coming from her vagina and rectum.


Tulsa Police Department Corporal Greg Smith commented: “We’ve seen some pretty badly beaten and abused kids over the years, but this one’s pretty bad. I mean, it is pretty bad…”

Johnson has been charged with first degree murder in addition to sexual abuse of a child. DNA tests are pending.



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