Man Convicted Of Stealing Brain And Found With 80 More Jars Of Human Tissue


Have you ever walked down the street and wondered to yourself: ‘you know what I really need in my life? A preserved brain.’ Of course you haven’t, no one has. Well I say ‘no one,’ a certain man from Indiana just broke into a medical museum and stole one. So he’s obviously had the thought once or twice.

David Charles from Indianapolis pleaded guilty to six charges, including burglary and stolen property, after nicking a human brain from the state’s Medical History Museum, which ironically was a former hospital for the insane. It was originally founded back in 1841 and later converted into a museum, fit with an autopsy room and an array of preserved specimens.jj

If it makes you feel any better by the looks of things the 23-year-old wasn’t keeping it for his own personal collection; he was selling it on eBay. No, sorry, that probably doesn’t make you feel any better.

Investigators were able to identify the brain bandit because of what he left behind – a bloody fingerprint on a piece of paper, according to court documents. Plus, a man from San Diego alerted the police of Charles after he bought six jars of brain material off him on eBay. I know you’re probably all wondering how much an item like this goes for on the net. The answer is $600.

Mind equals blown (pun intended).

Charles’ criminal conduct didn’t stop there, according to county prosecutor spokesman Anthony Deer, he also stole an EKG machine, a baby scale and 10 medical scopes. Oh and did I mention that the cops also discovered 80 more jars of human tissue when they raided his house? Yikes.

So what’s next for the Indiana man? After pleading guilty Charles has been sentenced to a year of home detention and two years probation, while being ordered to earn a high school diploma or general educational development certificate. It goes without saying that he’s not allowed to step a finger, toe, torso or head near the museum.

You’d think as a man with so many brains he’d be clever enough to know that you can’t get away with stealing these days. But evidently not.

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