Man Goes For A Checkup. You Won’t Believe What They Find In His Ear! This Is GROSS!

This is Nap. He was having some hearing problems and decided to go to the doctor in order to figure out what the problem was. a

The first thing that the doctor did was inserting some peroxide inside to loosen the wax stuffed inside. Not the most pleasant feeling, but a crucial part of the process.


After letting the peroxide do its thing, the doctor gets inside with a special pick that can chip away at the abundance of wax inside. This is when we’re able to find out what’s really going on inside of Nap’s ear!


Though it looks more like a pebble, it’s actually ancient ear wax that he’s been hiding in his ear for who knows how long! It turns out he had these guys in both ears. We think he’ll be taking his ear-cleaning a little more serious from now on..


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